Decade bitcoin celebrated art exhibition in France


Decade bitcoin celebrated art exhibition in France

31 October marks the tenth anniversary of the white paper of bitcoin. In honor of this significant date, the artists hold exhibition in France.

The exhibition, organized by the French artist Pascal Baharom (he created the portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte used as illustration to this material), is open to the public and takes place in Paris from 28 September to 5 October.

CCN reports that in the framework of the exhibition “treasure hunt”. Guests can search for bitcoins hidden in some works. In addition, they can simply admire the works of famous artists: Andy Bauch, Josephine Bellini, Nana Berks, a character under the pseudonym of Coin Artist and others. By the way, the artwork can be purchased with bitcoin, ether, litecoin or Monero.

Certificates of authenticity for paintings will be given to customers through the bitcoin blockchain, which is intended to demonstrate the potential of new technology in the fight against forgeries of works of art.

Lorenzo Skoni, CEO ArtWallet, which deals with the traceability of works of art through the blockchain, said:

This exhibition is a wonderful initiative. If not for the art and its various forms, we would not have had a lot of knowledge from the past. The initiative is of fundamental importance to cryptosystem because it allows you to see how the artists interpretiruya and synthesize the coming blockchain revolution.

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