Decred rose by 28%. The cryptocurrency added the exchange Binance


Representatives of the trading platforms have announced the start date of the support Aldona, after that its trading volume has increased by 21 times

Tuesday, 23 October, the average market price of the cryptocurrency Decred rose to 11-week high of $50, last time it was as high 7 Aug. For the past day altcon rose by 28% during this same time, Bitcoin and Ethereum fell by 0.4%.

Decred rate started to rise sharply once the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the addition of support token. The company representatives said that trade cryptocurrency pairs in Bitcoin and Binance Coin starts tomorrow, October 24, at 7:00 Moscow time, the possibility of making deposits is available.

Over the past day trading volume of the cryptocurrency rose from $500 thousand to $10.5 million in 21 times. Decred capitalization reached $422 million, the coin is on the 21st place in the list of the largest digital money.

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