Delivery blockchain HTC Exodus will begin in December


Delivery of the first blockchain-phones HTC Exodus will begin in December this year, said the Corporation. Although HTC Exodus is promoting its product as an important tool for the crypto-community, skeptics have expressed doubts about the safety of the device.

The HTC Corporation announced that the first smartphones HTC Exodus will be delivered to customers who pre-order, in December.

For the first time on the development of Exodus Taiwanese HTC Corporation announced in may. One of the advisors of the project was the maker of Litecoin Charlie Lee.

To buy a phone only for bitcoins (0,15 BTC) or ether (4,78 ETH). HTC Exodus is available for purchase in total in 34 countries.

One of the main advantages of the device, promoted HTC “safe zone”. It’s a cross between “cold” and “hot” storage to securely store the keys of crypto-currency wallet of the user.

In addition, HTC Exodus will also support the protocols of Lightning and Dfinity.

In addition to the block chain component, the HTC Exodus has powerful hardware: 6-inch Quad HD display, Snapdragon 845, dual cameras, standard moisture protection IP68, 6 gigabytes of RAM and a storage capacity of 128 gigabytes.

Some do not fully believe in the possibility of the first “blockchain-smartphone” and believe that the project will not live long due to too narrow target audience, and that have edition of Wired.

So, Lawrence Lundy of firms Outlier Ventures believes that the holders of large balances cryptocurrency will store them in “cold” wallets, and if they need a phone with such a function, they prefer the model of Finney from Sirin Labs.

According to skeptics, the real level of security of smartphones HTC Exodus is not known to the General public. In response, the project Manager Phil Chen said that the “safe zone” in the HTC Exodus is almost indistinguishable from cold storage and promised that the company will release APIs for developers.

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