DeVere Group has launched a solution for arbitration of the stock market


DeVere Group has launched a solution for arbitration of the stock market

The British financial consultancy company deVere Group, under the administration of which is $10 billion, has announced the launch of actively managed crypto Fund.

Investment solution called the deVere Digital Asset Funds, was launched with the support of the UAE’s hedge Fund Dalma Capital Management. The Fund will offer customers a diversified portfolio of virtual currencies, but the basis of its task is to minimize the volatility. For this purpose, the Fund will invest in cryptocurrency, using algorithmic trading and arbitrage on various exchanges and OTC markets.

According to the company’s management, investors are now seeing the growing demand for digital assets. He also added that the stock market offers many opportunities of arbitration, which has long been unavailable in the traditional markets. Top 25 coins traded at 400 platforms, allowing you to benefit from any rate movement.

This is not the first product deVere associated with the virtual currency. Previously, the company offered the customers a solution for storing and exchanging bitcoin, ether and litecoin.

Financial giants are beginning to work with cryptocurrency. Recently the world’s largest futures market operator Intercontinental Exchange, which owns the new York stock exchange, announced that 12 December 2018 plans to launch futures on bitcoin on its trading platform Bakkt.

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