Digital smell can be transferred via the Internet, AR/VR


Digital smell can be transferred via the Internet, AR/VR

A team of scientists from the Malaysian Institute have developed imaging technology digital smell that can be transferred through the Internet or to feel in virtual reality.

Imagine that while watching a war film, you can smell the gunpowder, taste the dishes with the help of augmented reality in the restaurant or to smell perfume when communicating online. Exactly the future I see scientists who demonstrated the unique technology of digital smell.

The researchers stimulated the nerve endings sensitive nose area volunteers with the help supplied to him of an endoscope. By acting on the receptors of electrical signals of varying intensity, they were able to trick the brain, making us react to them as real stimuli. People had a real sense of the smell of plants, sweets, chemicals.

Unlike most other developments of the transmission of scents via the Internet, digital option does not require cartridges with chemicals. However, the technology is very “raw” and wire in the nose greatly irritated the participants. So researchers are working on alternative methods of stimulation, including direct effects on the brain.

Digital odors can be used not only in AR/VR, for transmission over the Internet, but also for medical purposes. For example, to help people with disorders of smell.

In the near future we will be able to smell the virtual objects, but also to touch them with special gloves.

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