Director of Ripple: XRP is more decentralized than bitcoin and ether


Technical Director of Ripple’s David Schwartz said that XRP is more decentralized than bitcoin and Ethereum.

“Bitcoin and Ethereum take as a benchmark decentralization bearing in mind that no one person or small group of people cannot dictate terms to rewrite the transaction history. If such blackany are considered decentralized, and Ripple is decentralized, perhaps even more than bitcoin and Ethereum”.

To confirm his words he cited the following figures: 80% Hasrat bitcoin is concentrated in China, and 58% of the total capacity owned by the four groups. As for Ethereum, 57% of mining power is controlled by three groups, and this is assuming that the network can hold attack 51%.

“At that time, such as bitcoin and Ethereum are becoming more centralized, the registry XRP is becoming more distributed,” said he.

As expected, this statement has been criticized. Twitter user WhalePanda expressed his opinion about Ripple.

“Why Ripple users so obsessed with decentralization, because it premierowy centralized Aldon? So centralized that part of his history is lost forever.”

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