Dmitry Vasilyev: bitcoin exchange WEX sold to the supporter “DNR” Sailor


The contract of transfer of ownership of cryptocurrency exchange WEX (ex BTC-e) with the supporter “DNR” Dmitry “Sailor”, Chevchenko was signed on 21 July. The deal passed its final stage. It found the investors site during an impromptu webinar with nominee exchange Dmitry Vasiliev (audio recording is available ForkLog).

According to him, the packet of papers for signature were prepared by lawyers who work with both parties to the transaction.

“I signed all the papers and made a video verification that the signature is mine and I have no complaints. In order for this deal to move forward, you must submit Bank statements in Singapore. The Bank promised to prepare the statement within five days. After that the lawyer will communicate with Sailors about the future of stock exchanges”, — said Dmitry Vasilyev.

Nominee Director WEX argues that he had not received any money for the transfer of ownership.

“I haven’t, although initially I thought that it will be buying. But given the condition in which there is exchange, I’m even willing to pay extra for the transfer, so I did not fly unnecessary slander”, — he said.

Vasilyev also said that from the beginning of 2018, it was more and more alienated from the management of the exchange.

“Access to bitcoin was, the team gradually changed and I was asked to act as media person of the grounds on which I refused. I had a personal agreement with the former admin about payment of debts to BTC-e and is there a third party — new team, which initially pushed me, then the admins, and nobody understands what’s going on. With the new year debt payments stopped, I in fact assume the position of a nominee Director and is responsible for legal issues of the exchange. The old team is completely with me stopped to chat. With the Sailor I negotiate through a lawyer”, — said Vasilyev.

The new team, he said, went to the exchange WEX at the time of the search “roof” for the future of doing business in Russia.

“You know what it means to do business in Russia. Lawyers introduced us when I was looking for a “roof” for WEX. It all started very nicely: the expansion of the business in Vladivostok and the Crimea, but the result is that the stock exchange just pressed. Sailor was the initiator of the transaction — in March-April, he rudely asked me to sign the documents. I understand that this team has overcome the business from Pavel Durov”, — said the ex-CEO of WEX.

Further problems of the exchange he was linked with his new team.

“The business that brought in $5-10 million a month, which is very easy to scale the corny opening a representative office in Ukraine, China and in the cities, i.e. to return at least to its former volume BTC-e, instead they took and it was from Ali**. This is the most stupid move that you can do, kill the cow that brings the money,” — said Vasilyev.

He found it difficult to answer the question, how much money is in the accounts of the exchange, because the audit cryptocurrency and has not been carried out.

“When was the referral of cases, I knew the amount of user balances, and when traders BTC-e offered to return 62% of funds in cryptocurrency and 38% in the form of debt token with a subsequent purchase, the 62 — it was right at the maximum. But there are a lot of blocked funds, someone lost, someone’s scared. Now the support is generally gestic, as I understand it, there is so much nonsense about blocking of accounts, complaints received. But the exchange must have money and cryptocurrency in access”, — concluded Vasiliev, adding that the cash gap on the stock exchange happened due to the fact that the market was a lot of unsecured WEX codes.

We will add that at the time of publication of material daily volume of trading on the exchange WEX, according to CoinMarketCap, is just over $3 million, and the bitcoin exchange rate varies at the level of $8311 (with an average of $6488).

Recall that in late July the media reported that the Sailors allegedly refused to buy WEX in favor of the acquisition of the exchange EXMO. However, if this fact were not confirmed.

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