Dmitry Vasilyev: “I believe in a peaceful solution at the WEX”


Dmitry Vasilyev: “I believe in a peaceful solution at the WEX”

Former Director of crypto currency exchange WEX Dmitry Vasilyev gave an interview to the founder of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine Mikhail Chobanyan. As you might expect, freed from the obligations of the head of the marketplace, Vasiliev began to tell (yet in homeopathic doses) details about the troubled project. We have already reported that WEX eventually became the property of a former volunteer of “DNR” Dmitry Hevchenko with the Callsign “Sailor”. Now driven other interesting quotes from the interview.

About Alexander Vinnik and the FBI

“He [Alexander Vinnik were findera, accountant. Create invoices, affiliates, acceptance of Fiat, interaction with contractors, with MoneyPolo, it was all on him. There is a link from FXOpen – you can transfer the money to FXOpen and they got miraculously to the balance in the codes BTC-e. And then arbitration with China was 10-20%, so that all actively use it”.


“The main accusation of the Americans against [winnick] – transfer money from Mt.Gox (2013-2014) directly on the cold wallet BTC-e. All my attempts to explain them [the FBI] that the crypts are no adjectives in the crypt there is no concept of “stole” that you are to blame in the system, the feds said, “we Have evidence that he [winnick] is guilty, it is against our system.”


“The original version was that Mayzus (owner of MoneyPolo) passed winnik. I was also in this first sure. But then, three sources confirmed to me that Mayzus learned about the existence winnik in BTC-e after half a day after the closure of the site. Sergey [Mayzus] didn’t even know what BTC-e. He indirectly became the victims.”

About how the project appeared Vasiliev

“Nothing to do with BTC-e I did not and have not. Only indirectly”.

“The last few months [of work BTC-e], we provided Agency services, p2p exchanges, we had our own team, we wanted to do our exchange, however, the team is not very well done – they decided to go out on my own ICO and left us a week before launch. We did the exchange on the model of the VTS-e, they were the main competitor. And then the PTS-e did not. And we decided that we needed to take, to integrate…”

That and as WEX inherited from BTC-e

“I wish I could say entered into the oral agreement [with the “Admin” of inheritance BTC-e] that in a month or two as our exchange [WEX] is working, “Admin” will retire to write a book – people are tired from the crypt”.


“That man, with whom I then I saw [“Admin”] – not the fact that the same person that I was texting”.

“We only bought the database, we didn’t touch the Fiat, and I affirm and can prove that cryptocurrency has no adjectives “white”, “gray”, “stolen”…”

About managing WEX

September-October 2017 – Dmitry Vasiliev is already managing the exchange directly.

Dmitry Vasilyev: I had a domain, server, support, service, but not cold wallets.

Michael chobanian: And hot wallets do you have?

Dmitry Vasilyev: No.

Michael chobanian: Like this? If you gave the server, the hottest wallets from you.

Dmitry Vasilyev: uh-uh, well, server we passed to the programmer. For the crypt I didn’t touch it.

The loss of control over WEX

Dmitry Vasilyev: In January I realized that command is removed, the support moved…

Michael chobanian: What do you mean “command is removed, the support is moved”?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Introduced new people.

Michael Chobanian: Who?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Our new partners.

Michael chobanian: Where did they come from? Was just “Admin”?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Yes. But with him and counsel we have decided that we will have new partners, new administrative resources – to scale, to work on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Michael chobanian: How they took you, Director General, command and support?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Well, listen. Introduced new people. Offered to give them the finances – I don’t like to do, and then some a million is not converged. For the average person, a million is a lot. But when you have constant exchanges, and constant transfers of large, lawyers [winnick] get a seven-figure amount, and exchange rate fluctuations, then a million, I think it’s a reasonable error.


Michael chobanian: so, Finance was taken from you. The team also?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Yes, managers and analysts decided not to take, and support have decided to pick.

Michael chobanian: I mean, you got your face marketing and what else?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Yes, in January-February, I realized that I assign the role of “talking head” – to speak at conferences. And suggested – but that’s all the talk was of $20-30 million salary, but I knew that the cost of the conference would have been much more. I explained that I was in this story was not fit to be an employee.

Michael chobanian: And these six months have you had a salary?

Dmitry Vasilyev: No.

Michael chobanian: But you’re a businessman, not a philanthropist.

Dmitry Vasilyev: well, we worked on capitalization, I realized that this is a multimillion-dollar business, you can steer. Even just buying the tokens could make an interesting project.

“I wanted to open an office in Macau. There in the crypt of the underground – the millions of dollars. Professional players winnings are transferred to America, to Europe. They do it via the crypt. Via Macau then I wanted to go to Hong Kong and China.”


Dmitry Vasilyev: In March associated with me “Sailor”. New command “Admin” simply cease with me to communicate – said that the relationship is with Dimitri [Havenco]. I introduced him and announced that he was now the real owner of the exchange.

Michael chobanian: Wait, but you’re a partner.

Dmitry Vasilyev: Well, that’s because I correctly moved the.

Michael chobanian: I mean, you said you now no?

Dmitry Vasilyev: They didn’t say anything – just stopped communicating.


“I have talked with Vladimir Sutormin, because he at that time [April?] bought-sold codes [WEXcode] and since the beginning of the new year was responsible for the Fiat part. All the major trades [on the stock exchange WEX] passed through him.”

About “Sailors”

“The whole team [the top management WEX] “Sailor”, I must admit, the most appropriate. What he promises he performs eighty percent”.


“We agreed on this transaction, as we will spend. Initially, of course, have an appointment in Russia. Then I realized that for me, it’s not safe”.


Dmitry Vasilyev: I managed to fly to the USA because I was worried about the fate of winnik. I received information that the FBI interested in me. And I had two choices – either to run from them, either… We talked, I was worried about the fate of “the Greek.” Some information I received from them and then I went to Colombia. In search of new customers.

Michael Chobanian: So. And what happens next? With you in the period from April to early June someone contacted?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Only A “Sailor”.

Michael chobanian: You offered money for your work?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Yes, I mentioned cost. We traded. Over time, the price fell. It is clear that today this company is quite problematic asset. My main question is “Why and to whom it was profitable to kill existing business, which generates $5-10 million profit only Commission?”.

Michael chobanian: the APR you were offered compensation for the fact that you will sign the exchange on “sailor”…

Dmitry Vasilyev: This is not compensation, it is a partial payment.

About expectations

“I believe in a peaceful solution (for WEX), but it was delayed.”

“I have detailed a will written.”

About the questions left unanswered

Michael chobanian: the Cold wallets until yesterday [09.08.18] not “moved”. Yesterday 18,000 esters went somewhere yesterday, right?

Dmitry Vasilyev: Yes, I guys chat also wrote that part of the ether is gone. Then I heard somewhere that half the chops are still there. Honestly, I have this topic analysts purses is not engaged. If someone hold it… Wallets Mt Gox cold wallets with BTC-e – cold “oksovskiy” purses… So it became clear that where they were going. Analysts in the blockchain is not enough.


“I have a lot of questions. Why did not respond to queries in Singapore, although it was possible to hire a lawyer who will discard it and respond? Why not go fight for the blocked Fiat FBI? During the year, almost nothing has been done”.

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