Do you know how to protect their assets?


Do you know how to protect their assets?

Increasingly there are news about the hacks of exchanges and wallets, of the theft of the cryptocurrency. Since cryptosphere not yet regulated by law in full, it is an attractive medium for hackers and fraudsters. In addition, anonimnosti and irreversibility of translations – especially cryptocurrencies, which inexperienced users lose money. That’s why security scriptaction is our personal responsibility. A few simple rules that will help save money:

For the opportunity to commit all the operations with cryptocurrency with a separate tablet or laptop. If this is not possible, pay attention to which websites you visit, what programs are downloading and what extensions to install.

Install on the device a paid antivirus. The free version does not protect from malware fully.

3. Use two-factor authentication on all resources: exchanges, online wallets. The most reliable way is Google Authenticator. Be sure to save the code pairing: no one is immune from the loss or breakage of your phone.
4. Keep tools on different resources. For large amounts of bitcoin you are considering long-term investments, use cold wallets.
5. Don’t place large amounts on the exchange: keep on the trading floors of the Deposit and the profit capture and output.
6. Think of complex passwords. It is advisable to use the services to generate passwords, which form a combination of numbers, letters and symbols at random and create a mnemonic to memorize.

Do not put the same password on all exchanges. In the case of burglary one of the sites, the attacker will have access to the funds you keep in the other.
8. Do not leave files with private keys on a laptop or tablet. Print this information and keep it in a safe place.
9. Never connect to Wi-Fi in public places with the device that work with cryptocurrency.
10. Save bookmarks all the exchanges and wallets that you work with. Attackers often create a “mirror” of the real site, the user enters the username and password and thus gives access scriptactive.
Means you can lose not only because of the actions of hackers, but because of their own carelessness and trivial typos. Before withdraw a large sum from the exchange to the wallet, perform a test transaction and verify that funds have been received. Never enter the wallet address manually: copy and paste or use the scan.

This is a basic security rules when dealing with cryptocurrency that will help you protect your assets. Remember: in the face of constant information of dangers and threats, it is important not only earn funds but save them.

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