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The Founder Of The about how charities are embracing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

The cryptocurrency boom has affected everyone. Do not stay aside and the third sector: charity and NGOs — those for whom the main objective is not only to distribute funds to those in need, but also to attract them. As in other industries, the mention of key words and a willingness to use new technology guarantee participants success and attention. Most dared for Olympus cryptocurrency charity.

The main success of the bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Fidelity Charitable reported on the involvement of cryptanalytic donations equivalent to $ 70 million. It is ten times more than last year. Is adjusted for the course — but the volume is staggering. People are willing to sacrifice, and cryptocurrencies — not just a speculative tool but also a way to help.

You can help in different ways. In 2017 by an unknown user that emerging industry has become the owner of a large number of bitcoins, I decided to spend 5 thousand bitcoins for a good cause and founded the Foundation Pineapple, distributing cryptocurrency donations. Failed to allocate funds between 60 charitable organizations. The amount of donations in dollar terms amounted to more than $ 55 million.

Another example: actor and Internet entrepreneur Ashton Kutcher donated to a wildlife Fund Helen cryptocurrency XRP 4 million dollars.

Cryptocurrency was officially confirmed at the highest level NGOs. A pioneer of integration was the United Nations, whose numerous divisions started to apply new technologies in their work. As an example — bringing the gaming industry to participate in charitable projects.

The UN children’s Fund — UNICEF — has released an application for hashing, which can be installed in gaming computers with high computing capacity. 60 days of the action gamers were able to get 85 ETH.

The spiritual world is also not left behind. In the US, donations in bitcoins take no more than a dozen churches of Christian denominations. The London mosque lit up in the news and successfully raises funds. Catholics started the discussion about the role of the blockchain in religion. Do not stay aside and the guys from the Swiss Evangelical Church.

It’s almost all prominent examples. For religious institutions cryptobuddy just comes. Interesting experience and the Russian — Orthodox monastery in the Yaroslavl region tried to accept bitcoins, but refused for unknown reasons.

In Russia, the first to accept cryptocurrency was the Fund “give life”, which had the courage and energy to quickly navigate in a growing market. To implement this feature in the legal field, utilizing the nursing Fund Podari.Life, registered in the U.S. and wallet on Coinbase. At the time of writing the Fund has attracted more than 160 BTC. Politicians in Russia was lit only Alexei Navalny.

The question “what am I going to do with these bitcoins?” — home for those who are beginning to think about expanding the financial Toolbox. The solution — open market: there is LocalBitcoins, there are numerous cryptogenic. At your request, the author will indicate the category of charitable contribution. Movements of the cryptocurrency wallets will be open to all comers.

Given the uncertain status of the cryptocurrency, the report is not necessary. Of interest to the government and law enforcement agencies also submit you’re not.

Obvious solution — a partnership with cryptocurrency companies, which will contribute to raising funds and help with the exchange infrastructure.

To start accepting cryptocurrency is no more difficult than any other media: publish the wallet address on the website and encourage your donors to donate. They do not do it very willingly, whatever money it went. We have to find other ways. So the Australian office of UNICEF has launched The Hopepage, where anyone can mine crypto-currency directly in the browser. The proceeds go to charity. In a similar way went service petitions making a screensaver that uses computers for hashing, when it is not needed.

Now, after the achievements of the pioneers, to surprise the audience will be more difficult. Will just have to meet her expectations. The ability to accept donations in bitcoin — the inevitable future. Today, it is a way to attract the attention of a new audience. Tomorrow — the ability to hold on to the old. There is a philosophical side of the question: virtual money appearing out of nowhere, suddenly became a real condition. Right, but part of this condition goes to a good cause.

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