Due to the Ripple of the Future 1,800 people were left without money


Due to the Ripple of the Future 1,800 people were left without money

Indian police exposed another Scam
project Ripple Future. The attackers created their cryptocurrency company called “Ripple $ XRP ? 3.11% of the Future”. Investors, they promised to increase 3 times their money invested over 250 days, and also promised weekly payments. The police received about 70 complaints, though defrauded investors much more. Some 1,800 people were left without money, and the scammers fraudulently managed to obtain around 300 million Indian rupees, which is $ 4 million. In the course of investigative activities detained two criminals, he was charged under several articles of the criminal code, another accomplice is on the run.

Recently in India, significantly increases the number of crimes related to cryptocurrency. In April 2018, the government of India has banned controlled institutions to provide individuals and companies with services related to digital currencies. There was also a ban on
transactions for the purchase of cryptocurrency, and the tax on transactions was increased to 18%. Local officials have increasingly raised the question of whether to equate
bitcoin to traditional financial instruments.

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