Dukascopy Swiss startup plans to launch a ICO for cryptobinding


In an effort to become friendly to cryptocurrency Bank the Swiss company Dukascopy Bank has applied to the regulator in Switzerland, FINMA approval of the launch of ICO and issue of tokens and Dukascoins stablein Dukasnotes.

The Swiss company Dukascopy Bank has filed an application to FINMA for approval by the launch of two crypto-currencies: tokens with reduced emissions Dukascoins and stabilio Dukasnotes.

Originally Dukascopy plans to reward tokens clients within promotions designed to promote the messenger Connect 911, current mobile account, as well as a new type of Swiss Bank accounts MCA, which are also available to foreigners. For example, when opening a new account, the MCA, the client will receive 5 tokens Dukascoins, and the Bank – 10.

Issue planned for release on the basis of blockchain Ethereum, or more powerful counterpart, tokens Dukascoins will be limited to 20 billion coins, and issue convertible into Fiat stabilio will be limited only by the capabilities placed on Deposit guarantee Fund the Bank, which, on assurances of organizers, will regularly undergo an independent audit.

In the announcement it is reported that the company plans to launch Dukasnotes to offer clients a new way of making payments with breakthrough speed, convenience for customers and fees are minimal, and customers can transfer funds to other countries, and use them to buy goods and services firms that use payment solutions Swiss company.

According to representatives of the company, subject to a positive response of the regulator, run Dukascoins will be carried out within a few months, and after 2-3 months will be issued and stabilini.

This week it also became known that in the Swiss Cryptocoryne located in the city of ACG CryptoStream Seba Crypto AG has already attracted 100 million Swiss francs for the creation of the first regulated cryptocurrency Bank.

Previously, we reported that Switzerland plans to create their own national cryptocurrency, backed by the Swiss franc, and in late September, the Swiss bankers Association (SBA) and the Association Cryptocoryne Switzerland (СVA) has released new guidelines designed to standardize work with blockchain companies and to help develop the new industry.

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