ECoinmerce launched antiscam project Crypto Community Watch


ECoinmerce launched antiscam project Crypto Community Watch

“If you are tired of cheaters, hackers and unfair players in the cryptocurrency market and help us to clear this space — the website of the project Crypto Community Watch. — Teaming up with other influential blockchain companies, we created the world’s first monitoring program of cryptoprocta. If you have information about any fraudulent actions already implemented or only planned, please let us know. This information will test the participants in the Crypto Community Watch and, if need be, will give to law enforcement agencies”.

Monitoring program cryptoprocta running DAO ECoinmerce. This marketplace on the blockchain. But now not about it. ECoinmerce invites the community to merge the information about samarah. In order for the users actively shared information, ECoinmerce has created a Fund of 100 BTC. If your message leads to an arrest or the beginning of the trial, you will receive a portion of this amount.

The Crypto Community is trying to create an anonymous network of informants that is part of a program for effective prevention prestupnyh action cryptosphere.

“Transparency is a key concept for any project of cryptococcoma, says Rex Chen, chief operating officer ECoinmerce. — Crypto Community Watch aims to increase transparency in this market. Unfortunately, to prevent fraud and do nothing, but if users were able to operate and control Cryptoprotected as they work to create algorithms on Github, the industry will be more effective to confront the fraudsters and hackers.”

Critical to the success of the program, according to Chen, playing the prize bitcoins. They are on the wallet, not belonging ECoinmerce. This is a necessary condition to ensure a fair investigation: the DAO does not affect its course. Sending a message to the user, you must specify the address to which, if successful, will be transferred cryptocurrency.

“In fact, such information can be reported directly to law enforcement, Chan said. But in this case, users will have no incentive. Informants at risk. If they are members of a fraudulent project, they can lose money, and even life. So we should reward them with something more than a simple Pat on the back”.

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