EEA, the consortium released a new specification for the development of enterprise blockchain solutions


Leading a blockchain-Ethereum consortium Enterprise Alliance (EEA) published a second set of standards for developers of enterprise solutions based on Ethereum, and specifications fanovich trusted computing.

Breaking news: Both the EEA Off-Chain, Trusted Compute Specification V0.5 document AND the the #Enterprise #Ethereum Client Specification V2 document are available for public download on our website! Visit the EEA at #Devcon to learn more! //

— EntEthAlliance (@EntEthAlliance) October 29, 2018

According to representatives of organizations, standardization is intended to motivate corporate users to give preference to the decisions of the EEA, and Ovcharova trusted computing will allow them to perform computations outside the main network.

While the underlying ofcan-functionality API compatible with the trusted execution environment (TEE), proofs with zero disclosure of the multilateral and trusted computing.

In may, the EEA has published a set of standards Enterprise Architecture Ethereum Stack (EEAS) to create a new generation of enterprise applications on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

Earlier, the EEA and Hyperledger announced the partnership and establishment of common standards for enterprise distributed networks.

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