“El Petro exist only in the media, in fact it is simply”: report Reuters




A month after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the creation of El Petro, the state of cryptocurrency, which was the country from hyperinflation, the only place where El Petro really full there is the media.

Special report Reuters recently released situation in the oil-rich savingscom the area around the city Tapiri, where the main part of oil reserves, ostensibly to support national digital currency.

“5 billion barrels of crude oil”

Back in February, when Maduro announced the decision to create Petro, sparsely populated region around Otapiri has been touted as the “gold mine” that contains reserves of more than 5.3 billion barrels of crude oil, citing data from an independent international Agency.

According to official reports, investment from around the world will come to the area, creating jobs and breathing new life into a creaking industry of oil exports to Venezuela, which suffers from chronic lack of investment and outdated mechanisms.

After the Reuters reporters arrived at the scene, they saw a different reality, because the people apparently have not seen neither cryptocurrency nor the promised investment inflows Tapirira. In fact, as it turned out, almost no one in Venezuela or abroad, it seemed, never owned El Petro.

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