EOS has risen by 55% over 7 days. What is the reason?


Cryptocurrency is number five in ranking Coinmarketcap continues to grow, showing for the last day of the growth of 2.21%. Today, it costs 6.01 USD.

Analysts attribute the growth rate Aldona with the launch of the voting system. Likely, the engine of the bullish rally EOS were speculators who almost immediately received a significant income thanks to the decision of developers to enter the voting system.

Now the blockchain EOS have a private account, which contains the cryptocurrency 35 million dollars. However, these assets can be expended only for project development ECH blockchain.

While the project participants are unable to decide how to distribute these funds. Over the next 12 months, the amount of funds in the purse can grow to $ 200 million thanks to a specially integrated system which every year increases the number of EOS at 5%.

Therefore, the voting system of the EOS can be considered an extremely important step in creating a democratic ecosystem within the project.

Known captainvalor Mike Novogratz said earlier, network performance EOS will increase significantly in the next few months.

He is confident that the network will process more than 50,000 transactions per second. Besides, the businessman has addressed to the skeptics, accusing the EOS the lack of decentralization because only 21 manufacturers of blocks. Novogratz believes that the producers, though few in number, enough resources.

“Already, the performance of the network reaches up to 5,000 transactions per second and this figure will increase to 50,000 in the coming months. I think institutional investors are gradually beginning to understand that the blockchain will become Web 3.0 and they’ll want to participate in this, just the same as it was in the time of the world wide web,” said Novogratz recently.

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