EOS remained in first place in the Chinese ranking of cryptoprocta


Centre of development of information industry of China (CCID) has published the next rating of cryptocurrency projects. At the head of the list was the EOS, and Bitcoin first came into the top 10.

In a new ranking of CCID included 33 cryptoprocta — two more than a month ago. In the first list center published in may, was 28 cryptoprocta, next month has been added to the two — EOS Nebulas. In the past month in the ranking appeared Gxchain, and in the last two public blockchain — NULS and Tezos.

Only in the first may, the CCID list in the first place was Ethereum, next month, it is shifted EOS, which continues to lead the ranking. Bitcoin caught in may at the 13th place, now moved to the 10th.

In CCID explained that the assessment of cryptoprocta continued in three main categories (technology, application and innovation), but some methods of their accounting data has been revised.

From the perspective of composite index, the most significant increase was demonstrated EOS, Nano and Komodo, said the center. Accordingly, the most significant progress in the ranking showed Komodo, Nano and Bitcoin.

The latter has received the largest in the current ranking points in the category “Innovations” of 40.3. This is due to the high activity of the code updates the blockchain network, said CCID. In this category, in addition to Bitcoin, improved EOS, Bitcoin Cash Hcash and Stratis.

Newcomers the August rating — NULS and Tezos was on the 21st and 28th places respectively. Experts CCID presented NULS as the “blockchain for individual services,” consisting of “micronuclei and functional modules”. In relation Tezos they noted that the project “has outstanding features in technological innovation.”

In the June rating CCID when it was headed by the EOS, the top five also included Ethereum, NEO, Steller and Lisk. Now it stormed Komodo and Nebulas, and NEO was fifth.

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