Ethereum Alliance developed a new standard for private networks on the Ethereum


One of the largest blockchain-associations, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), has introduced a new specification for developers of private networks based on Ethereum, as well as for off-grid computing. Development standards will allow greater compatibility of private blockchains based on Ethereum, and Hyperledger EEA networks and, according to the Association.

Association blockchain-Ethereum companies Enterprise Alliance (EEA) has presented a new set of specifications designed to standardize the use of private organizations private versions of the Ethereum blockchain.

Document entitled Client Specification Version 2 was presented at the conference Devcon4. It is a certification for developers of Ethereum with the aim of following global standards while creating the code.

In addition, the EEA presented the version 0.5 of the specification for data exchange through API with off-grid environment and data from external sources — oracles.

The purpose of these documents is to create the Foundation for solid development in the ecosystems of the Android type, said EEA Executive Director, Ron Resnick.

“As a way of creating compatibility I see adapting best practices from other industries, such as telecommunications, — said Resnick publication CoinDesk. — If I buy a phone in one country and the SIM card to another, I know that they will work together.”

The new version of the specification is equivalent to the label on the box that tells about the compatibility of the phone with SIM cards. Given the fact that EEA is a registered trademark, developers will have to pass a test certification code, which will begin in the first quarter of 2020, added Resnick.

In addition to the Ethereum network, the specification will also help to combine the code with the solutions of another blockchain consortium, Hyperledger, which earlier this month entered into an Alliance with the EEA. For this, according to Resnick, the developer Hyperledger have to certify your product in accordance with the new specification of the EEA. At the same time, after the release of version 1.3 of the blockchain Hyperledger Fabriс he received the support of smart contracts on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

With regard to new specifications for off-grid trust computing, it removes the need for the work, which would occupy too much time when developing within the blockchain network, including protocols of the proof with zero disclosure, or confidential calculations.

“Trusted computing is a fundamental technology that improves corporate blockchain to a new level. It will be easier to do with API, designed to our standards,” — said the Director of the Centre of technologies open source at Intel Corporation Tom Willis who participated in the development of specifications.

Resnick noted that off-grid trust calculation at the same time increase the efficiency and confidentiality of development.

Additionally, in may, the Association of EEA introduced a cross-platform blockchain system open source, designed to increase confidence in transaction with smart contracts.

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