Ethereum community was divided on the question of unfreezing purses Parity


Ethereum community was divided on the question of unfreezing purses Parity

During the voting on the fate of the air of $250 million, by mistake, locked in the wallets of Parity, with a slight margin to win the opponents defrost.

On April 24 the resource Etherchain should be completed a week-long vote of the holders of the ether on the issue of unfreezing of funds, accidentally blocked on an Ethereum-purses Parity. Participants are encouraged to vote “for” or “against” the fork EIP-999 – one of the options to unlock the wallets. The views of the voting almost evenly divided: 52,7% oppose the fork, which is 47.3%.

Voting members will use their existing airwaves. What a lot of cryptocurrency owns voting, the greater the weight of his voice. At the time of publication against the fork voted by 217 users owning 1590748.6 ETH. For the implementation of the EIP-999 voted 229 people, however, to account for the smaller total volume of their ether — ETH 1426748.6, they are inferior to their opponents.

Recall that another controversy in the community Ethereum erupted around 0.5 million coin air locked in purses from last fall because of an error in a smart contract Parity Technologies. Fork EIP-999 offers local update platform code Ethereum, allowing owners of frozen wallets to access their funds.

However, users oppose changes to the code in the interest of developers and customers Parity. They believe that such local intervention in the work of the platform will lead to corruption, and advocate in support of the proposal EIP-867, which involves a whole hard forks of the blockchain Ethereum.

With the vote on Etherchain does not have policy status for developers EIP-999. It is only to ascertain the views of the user community platform Ethereum.

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