Ethereum has fallen below $300


Ethereum has updated ten-month low, falling to $290. Second, the capitalization of bitcoin has fallen to $29.5 billion.

Thus, over the past seven days ETH fell by almost 30%, losing $121.

The rest of the coins from the top 20 also show a decline, but bitcoin manages to stay relatively confident. At the moment its price is $6252, and for a week he lost “only” 10%.

Worst feeling IOTA: in seven days, its price has fallen by a record 44%.

The most persistent was Stellar: a week coin lost only 3.5%.

Total capitalization still remains above $200 billion, mainly due to the stability of bitcoin.

Yesterday we wrote about the fact that the Tether was released and another 50 million tokens USDT, which has contributed to a sharp rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, as is always the case, issuing a new batch USDT only temporarily inflated prices, and then will inevitably be a new wave of collapse. The only exceptions are cases when there are positive news that could have an impact on prices.

Recall that the decline started less than a week ago, when the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) perenelle hearings on applications CBOE and VanEck/SolidX launch a bitcoin ETF for a month. The market has been waiting for polojitelnogo the outcome of these cases and believe that the approval of bitcoin ETF will endeavor quotes up to end a prolonged downtrend. However, this did not happen, and the market was flooded with new wave of depression, therefore we see the continuation of the collapse.

It is worth noting that the CBOE VanEck and SolidX remain confident that their application is approved, a transfer of the hearing they called a standard procedure that they expected. This was stated by the publication of the ICO Journal, citing informed sources.

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