Ethereum purchase a domain name top level


The Ethereum project has signed an agreement with the hosting provider Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX), whereby Ethereum Name Service (ENS) will receive the domain name top-level.

Soon consumers Ethereum (ETH) will be able to register their addresses with top level domain MMX .luxe (“Let U Xchange Easily”). Extension .luxe, reportedly will be launched in the near future and available to the public in October of this year.

Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented on the collaboration:

“We look forward to the opportunity to work with ENS to allow a registered licence holders to buy their luxe. the name before the company will begin to produce .luxe for sale to the General public at the end of October.”

Any domain registered in the zone .luxe, can be integrated into the Ethereum blockchain, and any built on its base services, including decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts. Users can choose any domain name, which will include all the functions of identification of an individual asset ETH instead of the existing 40 characters.

In addition, the expansion .luxe will allow users to perform traditional actions on the Internet together with the same address that they use for their associated with Ethereum services. As stated by the lead developer ENS Nick Johnson:

“We are very pleased that we are helping to promote integration between existing DNS name services Name Service and Ethereum, increasing the level of usability for applications and users of the blockchain”.


ENS was running on the main network in may 2017 with an automated registration process that allows any easy and cheap to register names ending in “.eth”. Basically, the ENS was the first step Ethereum to mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and therefore became available to read ETH address. ENS allows anybody to create a much more user-friendly address, such as JohnDoe.eth.

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