Ethereum-startup Parity added to the set of the blockchain tools Substrate code Casper


Ethereum-startup Parity added to the set of the blockchain tools Substrate code Casper

The company Parity Technologies has added to its platform Substrate that is oriented on developers of the block chain, an early version of the transition update for Ethereum. This writes CoinDesk.
The code was posted on GitHub yesterday and combines a mechanism for the transition to update the Shasper, which includes the so-called “sharding” (one of technologies for solving scalability issues Ethereum) and the Casper Protocol designed for transfer to the mechanism of consensus “proof-of-stake”.
“Shasper is a combination of Casper and sharding. When this innovation will be implemented, we should see a significant improvement in the treatment of Ethereum transactions,” said tan Wei, a leading developer of Parity in the integrations.
Wei called the current version of the Substrate “base frame”, which still need to undergo proper testing, but added that interested parties can already run code on the platform. Also, according to vey, when will get enough updates – in particular, rules concerning building blocks can be released test network Shasper.
Wei continues to believe that this initiative is “only a first step” and adds that “in order to Shasper really earned, you need to study its characteristics, and also do a lot of work to implement”.
“On the one hand, we want to show that the Substrate is a versatile framework that is compatible with many different blockchains. On the other hand, we hope that we can make an additional contribution to the Shasper standards and accelerate its development,” said Wei.
Platform Substrate (whose author is co-founder of Ethereum and founder of Parity Gavin wood) is a modular framework for developers, designed to ensure that the projects could create their own blackany. In addition, according to vey, Apple offers customers a more simplified tools – if you compare it with the Ethereum tools for implementation Shasper.
“In update Shasper has changed almost everything, including the block definition, hashing algorithms, encryption, etc.,” said Wei he added: “Apple is trying to create a universal blockchain framework. He works for Shasper”.

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