Ethereum will be able to handle up to 17 thousand transactions per second


Ethereum will be able to handle up to 17 thousand transactions per second

Researchers Ethereum has introduced a new solution called shadchanim based on the technology of snark, which will allow the platform every second can handle up to 17 thousand transactions, bringing its performance to a Visa.

The concept of sidechained on the basis of the snark allows you to process transactions with ether, and tokens outside of the main network platform, which significantly increases its capacity. This model is similar to the decision of the second level Plasma. A sidechained suggests that closing the channels of transaction and transferring them in a blockchain Ethereum is performed by special operators. In fact, users will operate within a smart contract.

The sidechained also provides ways of dealing with unscrupulous operators, through their punishment and replacement. When this situation occurs, the data is returned in the original form, so a crook can’t steal the funds and hold them for a long time.

Earlier acne Buterin said that the implementation of the decisions of the Plasma and Sharding will create a synergistic effect that allows to process up to 1 million transactions per second. A sidechained on the basis of snark can give you an additional 3000% increase in efficiency. However, this takes time, now neither the network itself nor decentralized applications based on it are not ready to work with millions of users.

Another unique solution was presented by the engineer-Amateur from Colorado springs, created in his garage the combat electromagnetic gun, which is already interested in the U.S. army ordered the production of a prototype.

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