EU Finance Ministers will discuss the future of cryptocurrency


EU Finance Ministers will discuss the future of cryptocurrency

7 November in Vienna scheduled meeting of Finance Ministers of the 28 European Union countries, during which they will discuss the cryptocurrency, the consequences of their impact on the Euro zone and the regulatory measures necessary to ensure economic stability.

Potentially this could have a huge impact on cryptonote, as the Minister will discuss not only the development but also the possibility of using virtual currency in the informal sector, to support terrorism and tax evasion. It is also expected that will address the topics of transparency and impossibility of identification.

Although many States are afraid of crypto-currencies, including their HYIP imposed by the speculators, but Japan, Malta, the British virgin Islands have a different point of view. Also, almost all governments recognized the effectiveness of the blockchain technology and the huge potential for improving the financial system with it.

Earlier, the EC Committee on economic and monetary Affairs, said that the cryptocurrency does not threaten the positions of the Central banks, so I hope that the discussion will take place in a positive way.

While Ministers prepared to discuss, the provider of financial information Yahoo Finance decided to contribute to the spread of the virtual currency, starting to trade them.

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