Every fourth of cryptocurrency trader suffered big losses in September


Investment firm Capital OK the Blockchain, part of the group OKGroup, administering large exchange digital currencies OKEx, published in September in which he called the previous month “is still not optimistic for the cryptocurrency market.”

The company conducted a survey, focused on the holders of digital assets and includes 16 questions regarding their earnings, the structure of the positions, projections for the next half of the year, plans for adjusting the positions, etc. were received 212 responses.

According to the survey, in September, 25% of traders suffered moderate losses (10 to 30%), 25% — retained their positions, and 24% incurred large losses (30 to 100%). However, 14% made a little profit, and about 5% continue to stay away from the market, waiting for further movements. Only 3.3% of respondents reported major gains.

With regard to the allocation portfolios, the three main cryptocurrency for the September investment was bitcoin (23%), EOS (16%) and Ethereum (12%).

The greatest investors Express optimism about the token platforms (57%), game assets (37%), IoT (34%), assets social networks (20%) and financial assets (18%). The least promising areas were tourism, transport and advertising.

Despite the discouraging figures in September, the majority of respondents expressed optimism regarding the prospects of the market of digital currencies. More than 59% expect that the market will continue to grow in October, and more than 69% still expect growth in the next six months.

Most investors are optimistic about the long-term prospects of the market. 48% plan to seek opportunities for investment in the coming months, 46% will not change their positions, and only 6% are going to slow down.

At the end of September study of a business publication WirtschaftsWoche revealed that investor losses from investments in German ICO reach 90%.

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