Exchange Bittrex together with CatalX launches trading platform in Canada


Exchange Bittrex together with CatalX launches trading platform in Canada

CatalX, new canadian platform for trading digital assets, together with Bittrex, American cryptocurrency exchange, announced a partnership. This collaboration promises to provide a platform to trade digital assets with a comprehensive selection of tokens in Canada.

This partnership will provide new opportunities to users in Canada who want to have a greater choice of assets in a safe, secure platform.

A beta version will be launched in late August.

“The partnership with Bittrex is a major step for us because it will position us as the market leader in digital asset Canada. We are very happy that we can provide the canadian market the diversity of working with cryptocurrencies from VICTREX, one of the most famous platforms in the industry. We will offer more than 200 coin-operated pairs with premium features and reasonable fees.

CatalX Bittrex and ready to give each other the highest-quality experience based on business ethics, long term planning, customer focus and adherence to the law. We work closely with the Ministry of Finance and FINTRAC to match our actions to the current legislation,” — Justin Kim, Director General CatalX.

Bittrex is looking for opportunities to spread the Blockchain

Bittrex will provide its unique technology platform and access to a wide selection of tokens.

“Every day we are working on improving the Blockchain technology. This partnership will provide us with another opportunity to globally disseminate this technology. Working together, CatalX and Bittrex will be able to provide canadian users with a reliable, fast and secure platform for trading, which will also provide access to the most innovative Blockchain -projects”, — the General Director Bittrex, bill Shihara.

Recall, from August 20, 2018 on cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex will be available to trade pair XRP and Ethereum Classic with the U.S. dollar.

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