Exchange cryptocurrency Gemeni refused listing of Bitcoin Cash


Exchange cryptocurrency Gemeni refused listing of Bitcoin Cash

Exchange for large investors Gemeni announced the refusal from the previously planned listing fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH) because of the risks of uncertainty of the future Alcona. In the team of its developers, a struggle that can lead to split the network into two branches.

Hardwork network is planned for November, a new Bitcoin client ABC suggests in the future to introduce the use of a network of smart contracts.

Against this is Craig Wright, who will release its own client software Bitcoin SV, increasing the block size to 128 MB. To “push” his idea, he teamed up with Calvin Eyre, owner of the pools, which “guarantees” support for a new client.

The owners of the exchange of cryptocurrency Gemeni brothers Winklevoss were given to understand that the situation is a fork of Bitcoin Cash worries the Regulator, which issued a permit only on the listing Litecoin. The site promises to return to the question of launching the BCH after a hard forks, with an eye on the mood in the community.

Blockchain Bitcoin Cash waiting “fork”?

Exchange: Gemini

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