Exchange Kraken added Tezos. The token has risen by 8%


Cryptocurrency to be traded in pairs with the US dollar, canadian dollar, Euro, bitcoin and Ethereum

Exchange Kraken has announced the listing of Tezos token, her representatives said that trade asset in pairs with the US dollar, Euro, canadian dollar, bitcoin and Ethereum starts on 16 October at 18:00 Moscow time. The company stressed that the start time of the auction is tentative and may be changed.

At this stage, marginal trade token will be unavailable on the platform, but the opportunity may arise in the future. Kraken is the first stock exchange of USA, which added Tezos.

For the past day Aldona average price rose by 8%, now it is $1,37. At the end of September in the blockchain Tezos has discovered a vulnerability in which the network speed decreased by 20 times. Then the problem quickly corrected, but it negatively affected the course of bitcoin, which fell by 7% in a few hours.

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