Exchange Kraken has denied the rumors about security issues


American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken had emerged in denied social media rumors that it closes one of its authorized service centers amid security concerns. He writes about this .

A Reddit user under the nickname “throwaway34034324” on Thursday that the exchange closes its office in Halifax the canadian and “just fired hundreds of people in the light of the security breach”.

A user under the nickname “MysteriousPlankton”, which is probably one of the employees named office, says that the company asked them to resign with payment of a compensation package equal to eight weeks ‘ earnings, adding that otherwise there is no guarantee for continued cooperation.

“He said that because of the decline in volumes (trading tickets) and in the light of the opening of a new Asian office, we need to reduce costs, and the dismissal of newly hired employees (less than three months, around 57 people) was insufficient,” he writes, and notes that a dismissal were employees in charge of procedures related to customer identification and anti-money laundering, security and investigation and the processing of I/o resources.

Although to date exchange Kraken has not released official statements on Twitter, her staff replied that this information is not true.

“We are ready to confirm that do not limit their activities in certain regions and not experienced security breaches. All is well and safe”, — exchange.

In February, Business Insider reported that the Kraken intends to increase its staff to 800 people for 2018. However, in April, the exchange took the decision on the termination of service of the Japanese market “because of the cost and resources required to maintain service” in this country.

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