Exchange MapleChange hacked or made an exit Scam


In the night from 28 to 29 October off the website of the canadian cryptocurrency exchange MapleChange. Representatives of the company published in a Twitter message in which he said that the exchange was hacked, however, there are doubts about the veracity of these words, the exchange accused exit same.

On the morning of 29 October employees MapleChange wrote the following on Twitter:

“We have suspended the work of the exchange to find the optimal solution of the current situation. We will not be able to return all of the stolen digital assets, but will pay part of the amount of the remaining money.”

MapleChange will not return Bitcoin and Litecoin, however, the exchange promised to pay the stolen tokens Lumeneo (LMO) and CoolDarkCoin (CCX). However, many members of the crypto community accused the exchange in the exit same, and for good reason. First, MapleChange closed accounts in all social networks (except Twitter). Secondly, last week on the exchange increased the trading volume by almost three times, which gives great opportunities for fraud.

One Twitter user wrote that MapleChange closed after it had been identified the personality of its owners, however, this information is not yet confirmed. At the moment the site is unavailable, no additional information about the amount of compensation and timing of payment has not yet been published. The Editors will follow developments!

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