Exchange MapleChange published a plan for the return of stolen cryptocurrency


Canadian cryptocurrency exchange MapleChange published a plan for the return of digital assets stolen in the hacker attack in the night from 28 to 29 October. According to company representatives, the attackers were able to seize digital assets for $6 million.

MapleChange promised to return to customers all coins except Bitcoin and Litecoin. Applications for compensation will need to send in a specially created chat in the instant messenger arena. According to a post on Twitter, the employees managed to return part of the stolen altcoins (TRTL, TYCH, SKX, B2B, WAE, CFCC, SHIELD and DNR).

The exchange’s management has denied the rumors about the exit same, but could not explain the reasons why the site was disabled immediately after the break-in. MapleChange accounts in social networks have been closed temporarily, to find the optimal solution to the situation. It also became known that hackers had managed to access bitcoin due to a bug in the system. Now the exchange is investigating the incident to find out the location of a stolen digital assets.

In response to the news about hacking MapleChange chief Executive officer of the exchange Binance Changpeng Zhao advised traders to work only on major trading venues, as they can guarantee the safety of funds. Small exchanges, for example, MapleChange, do not use cold wallet and therefore are vulnerable to hacking.

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