Exchange the Winklevoss brothers and Omniex will run the infrastructure for large investors


Exchange the Winklevoss brothers and Omniex will run the infrastructure for large investors

Business platform Omniex and exchange Gemini, founded by the Winklevoss brothers, signed a partnership agreement on the establishment of infrastructure for institutional investors in the cryptocurrency, as reported in a press release.

Investor interest in the market of digital assets continues to grow, but the industry is unable to offer high— quality business infrastructure, such as the one that exists in traditional financial markets. The structure of the stock market is still fragmented and immature.

Partners stressed that a future decision of Gemini and Omniex will improve communication with the ecosystem and will contain the unique characteristics required for effective cryptotrading. It will support institutional investors who are just starting to work with digital assets.

According to Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini, Omniex shares them with his brother the notion that you should create focused on institutional investors technology. This will help solve the problems of the market and to improve relations with regulators. In particular, Tyler says:

As our ecosystem continues to Mature, it is vital to work with companies who understand the nuances of institutional operations, providing them with first class technology, which are suitable to investors.

For its part, the team Omniex will provide services of investment portfolios, risk management, operations, and will advise clients on legal issues.

Exchange Gemini offers Depository services to meet the requirements of the financial regulator of the United States.

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