Experts: the authorities of China will not be able to completely block scriptacolous


According to industry experts, the Chinese capturadora yet have enough tools and ways to circumvent the ban on the cryptocurrency trading in the country, reports the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

As said the publication of the experts, many cryptocurrency exchanges remained available to the Chinese users since September last year, just peregistrirovat abroad and changing the domain name. It is against such sites was undertaken recent measures, when Chinese national service of risk control in financial technologies have detected and blocked 124 of them.

“Last warning, and potentially increased monitoring of foreign platforms aimed at small party exchanges, which claim that are foreign organizations, but are in effect in China, stating that they transferred its operations to Chinese companies,” said Terence Chang (Terence Tsang), chief operating officer TideBit that conducts centralized cryptocurrency exchanges in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In addition, the Chinese traders use to exchange cryptocurrency for Fiat and Vice versa Tether (USDT), and operations tools virtual private network (VPN). However, as explained to SCMP rest of this people, the authorities have the technical ability to block a VPN, but as yet these tools remain available.

Industry experts believe that while the servers crypotologic platforms will be outside of China, and the transactions are peer-to-peer and decentralized, completely block the trade scriptactive in the country almost impossible.

Earlier, amid the tightening measures the country’s authorities with respect to trade cryptocurrencies on cooperation with regulators said Ant Financial — the operator of the payment system Alipay. The company announced the implementation of monitoring user activity in the app, Alipay, to prevent trade cryptocurrencies on the site.

Before popular messenger WeChat has blocked the accounts that wrote about cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry. And Chinese Internet giant Baidu has limited the ability of users of a communication platform Baidu Tieba to discuss related topics.

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