Experts Unveil Top Strategies for Crypto Community Building

Expert Tips on How to Build and Nurture Crypto Communities

In the digital age, the cornerstone of every successful crypto project lies in a robust community. Gregor Rivas and Roxana Gallardo, seasoned Web3 community managers and builders, share some vital insights into the art of crypto community building.

Their conversation with BeInCrypto sheds light on the initial steps, the growth dynamics, and the indispensable skill set for community management in the crypto industry.

Start With Why to Build a Solid Foundation

Rivas emphasized the pivotal first step of clarity in purpose, “The first step in building a Web3 community is to be clear. You must identify why and for what purpose your project needs a community.” This foundational understanding helps in outlining the objectives and choosing the right platforms.

As Rivas noted, the choice between social media platforms hinges on the project’s goals and the size of the community envisaged.


“The main social network for creating a Web3 technology-loving audience is X (formerly known as Twitter), as large Web3 projects were established on this social network. Then, depending on the goals, you can choose to have a MVC (Minimum Viable Community) and host a small audience. Telegram is the best choice because of its simplicity and interface. But if you plan to host a large audience, Discord is better because you can create different channels to segment information, use bots with different objectives, and perform diverse online activities,” Rivas added.

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He also elaborated on the importance of organic growth, saying, “The best way to grow a community steadily without compromising its quality or integrity is to execute an organic growth strategy.”

The cornerstone of fostering community growth hinges on attuning to the voices within the crypto community. More importantly, judiciously evolving the project to resonate with the community’s expressed needs. Therefore, engagement does not end with growth.

According to Rivas, it extends to converting community members into brand ambassadors. Rivas shared a strategy he employed with a soccer team fan community.

“I carried out a merit-based user selection process, and implemented an application system to get to know much more about the audience that was interested in being ambassadors… In crypto community building, the most important thing is the community members, as they are the main assets of a project,” Rivas emphasized.

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Continuous Effort in Crypto Community Building

On the other side of the community-building spectrum lies the skill set. Web3 Project Manager Roxana Gallardo outlined effective communication, problem-solving, organization, empathy, and a solid understanding of blockchain technology as essential skills.

“Social media marketing skills are also necessary to promote new initiatives and interact with community members. It’s essential to become familiar with various community management tools and having experience in customer service, event planning, and public speaking,” Gallardo added.

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These skills, she believes, can be honed through online courses, reading, and hands-on experience in the crypto industry. Moreover, Gallardo recommended a toolkit for crypto community management. These include Trello, Metricool, Discord, Google Analytics, Mailchimp, and Bitly, each serving unique purposes from organization to analytics and engagement.

In an industry as dynamic as crypto, staying updated is crucial. Therefore, Gallardo adopts a multi-faceted approach to stay abreast of the latest developments.

“I usually follow industry experts, read reputable news sources… participate in various online communities, and attend relevant events that promote networking and sharing current information,” Gallardo stated.

Preparing a community for market upheavals or technological changes is another essential aspect of Web3 community management. Indeed, Gallardo stressed education, communication, and promoting adaptability to navigate through such challenges.

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Lastly, the narrative circles back to the essence of Web3 community building – trust and user experience. Gallardo’s final words resonate with the ethos of sustainable crypto community building.

“Always prioritize user experience and maintain open communication with your community… By focusing on security and trust within your community, you can secure their support, regardless of market conditions,” Gallardo concluded.


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