Fees the ICO project has reached an annual minimum


Fees the ICO project has reached an annual minimum

Today everyone is discussing crudely this year. Well, the theme of burning, so let us say a few words about ICO. Remember what a tantrum is happening around krautsalat in the fall of 2017? True to this, in the spring, the market ICO was quiet, as quiet as now. Current performance fees during krautsalat demonstrate the lowest levels in 17 months: the last time the same low fees was in April 2018.A new report by research FINTECH company of the Next Autonomous States that funding of the ICO is now at its lowest for the 2018 level.

There was a time when ICO is all arranged. The creators of blockchain-related startups, unlike companies entering the IPO, there was no need to bother with the paperwork and overcoming various bureaucratic obstacles, and investors — to wait, when the invested funds will be recovered: those who participated in the ICO during the summer and autumn, get rich (if you had time to sell the tokens when they reached a peak in December 2017).

ICO boom reached a peak in January 2018. Then for the month as a result of krautsalat startups raised $3 billion Well, then the monthly fees were becoming poorer. The situation has changed. The market is falling, wishing to invest in new tokens that may someday turn into a full altcoins becomes smaller.

In the first quarter of 2018, the volume of investments ICO amounted to $8.8 billion in the second quarter to $5.5 billion In the third quarter, began to rise again: only in July investors invested in startups to $1.5 billion Then came August and along with the length of daylight began to decrease investment volumes total $326 million

Of the $23 billion earned blockchain startups in this year’s $5.7 billion have on crudely Telegram and EOS. This quarter brought in 2018 assets. So the teams working on creating new services, will have to tighten their belts. Although it is possible and not to delay, and wait for the next rally, during which investors will be easier to leave the crypt.

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