Fidelity has no plans to create its own crypto currency exchange


Fidelity has no plans to create its own crypto currency exchange

Investment giant, whose coming might open a new stage in the development of the stock market, elaborated their plans. Private crypto currency exchange Fidelity Digital Assets just do not need.

Rumors about the very substantive interest of Fidelity to cryptocurrency in summer, began circulating just after the news that investment giant reportedly plans to create their own exchange. However, as stated by President Fidelity Digital Asset Tom Jessop, just about a crypto currency exchange.

According to him, existing crypto currency exchange copes with its functions — Fidelity sees the lack of supply on the part of the store scriptaction, and it plans to focus its efforts.

The company, under which assets are in the trillions of dollars, understands something in this area, he added. Services “cold storage” from a fairly reputable provider will be weighty arguments in favor of the development of this market for institucionales, says Jessop.

It is about creating habitual investors model platform that allows users to make transactions on one or more exchanges for the best price, without worrying about where to transfer and where to store then their assets.

In his opinion, 2019 for the stock market should be a period of falling barriers — “everyone will be able to come into this market and contribute to its growth.”

We will remind, couple of weeks ago, Fidelity Investments announced the creation of a new company Fidelity Digital Assets. The scope of activities of a new player — the storage of digital assets as well as brokerage services in this area.

In the first stage, that is, starting from 2019 the company will take possession of the bitcoin and ether, in the future, the coins list will be expanded.

At the end of July it became known that Fidelity owns 15% of Neptune Dash, whose main activity is the launch and maintenance of mastered Dash.

Fidelity Investments is an American holding company specializing in financial services and asset management. Is one of the largest players in the world in its category. The size of the assets under management of $2.4 trillion under administration of $3.9 trillion (2017 data).

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