Financial intelligence Lithuania is considering scripttrandate over €660 million


Financial intelligence Lithuania is considering scripttrandate over €660 million

Office of investigation financial crimes Lithuania revealed cryptocurrency transactions in the amount of €661 million in less than two years and explores the origin of funds.

We are talking about cryptocurrency transactions, for the period from 1 January 2017. According FCIS, turnover of more than €80 million in cryptocurrency discovered more than 500 individuals and 100 companies.

In servicing such transactions was lit the following banks and payment systems — SEB, Swedbank, Luminor, Danske Bank, Citadele, Pervesk, MisterTango.

According to the Deputy Director of the Service, Mindaugas Petrauskas, absolute champion was a citizen of Lithuania in 1968 with the volume of scripttrandate of €27.2 million, second place in the young Swede born in 1997 — €16.6 million, followed by another Lithuanian born in 1972, who carried out cryptocracy in the amount of €14.1 million in less than two years.

“In Lithuania, there are in reality people that in 2017 declared that are the organizers of ICO or earned on the sale of cryptocurrencies large sums of money — millions,” — said Petrauskas

“For example, they declared that in 2017, earned €6 million and want to pay taxes. In 2017 there was a 5% tax, they paid 5%. Like all good, but have one question — where did the first million?”, he added.

FCIS also wary of the rapid growth of the sector ICO. “In 2017 was €82 million in the Lithuanian ICO, now €500 million, the question Arises — where, it’s big money,” — said the representative of the Service.

According to Petrauskas, the problem is that FCIS are actually supposed to believe in the word data of the companies that conducted the ICO. Who themselves often do not know for sure exactly who become their investors.

FCIS indicates that this situation is unacceptable because it is fraught with risks of money laundering or financing criminal activities, and has already sent its proposals on regulating the ICO in the Ministry of Finance.

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