Financial recommend new coins to invest


Financial recommend new coins to invest

Cryptologist used to call unpopular coins beginners and market offensive the word “within”. However, in most cases, the accusations come from people who never bothered to understand the potential of the project. What new coins to draw the attention of investors? Specialists shared with Bitcryptonews their advice on the most promising coins for investment.

1. Cortex (CTXC)

The project deals with developments in the field of AI. Main goal: creation of the global network. The emphasis of the work was drawn up to improve smart contracts, which, according to the design team, will be able to open up in new ways with the help of artificial intelligence. And in order to attract project developers on the platform you can create and then sell more products incorporating AI.

Chart of coins:

The reason for the interest in the coin in an active listing on the stock exchanges. For example, on August 17 came the news about adding coins in Bithum.

On the background of the changed market sentiment is likely to continue the growth that can be supported by a procession along the “staircase” listing. After Bithumb project will be easier to gain the trust of other sites, which together will increase its total turnover.

2. Ontology (ONT)

The main objective of the project is the creation of a trust system between projects on the basis of a vote. Projects will be able to communicate with each other through the creation of a link of the block chain. Work will be available between NEO, Ethereum and EOS. Additionally, Ontology will act as a program consultant, through which any user-even without programming knowledge, will be able to transfer the business to the blockchain.

It is worth noting that the project is the power of support from NEO, which render him all the patronage and publish promotional materials on their resources, thereby enabling to promptly gain an audience for the work.

Graph of the coin Ontology:

Coin has managed to warm places listing giants such as Binance, Huobi, OKEx. Further development of the project and future placement in other areas will allow holders to earn koina.

3. TaTaTu (TTU)

Platform for content creation, communication and other facilities that are available to users in social networks. But unlike others, it offers an automatic connection with advertisers, which will allow us to more effectively monetize content. The blockchain will protect the content from copying and illegal use.

Chart newbie:

About HYIP coins increases. While she had lighted only on HitBTC and Liqui, but to turn the other listings, which can significantly raise the actual, was highly sensitive to changes in the market price.

The recommendations of experts

We asked the experts to share observations about investing in a new promising coin.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors Sirin Labs Kenes Rakishev explained why it was the token of the first cryptocanthon worthy of investor attention:

Evidence of investor interest in the token of the world’s first cryptocanthon FINNEY – SRN is that of the largest industry carried out its listing. In August 2018 team Sirin Labs conducted a listing Sirin token (SRN) on HitBTC, thus expanding the list of venues where you can buy it. Including such exchanges as Bittrex, Huobi, UpBit, Bancor, Idex, Tidex, Liqui, Kucoin and Cryptopia.

Growth opportunities of the token directly associated with the appearance on the market of cryptocanthon FINNEY, enabling transactions to keep cryptocurrency. In July, our team of developers showed the prototype, and by the end of the year, the device will present to the General public. Currently received over 25,000 pre-orders for the device, analogues of which is not yet on the market.

Also an important step in the interest of investors to the token is that in the framework of the ICO device in 2017 collected more than 157 million$ that went into the five biggest ICO in the world at the end of last year.

His point of view, regarding the selection of coins for investment, shared with us a journalist and captainvalor Oleg Chebotarev:

As an investor, trying to build their own strategy in difficult times of unpredictable market I try to choose coins companies that are currently small, but have excellent prospects for high security real infrastructure and a good reputation.
One such cryptocurrency DCT – DECENT company. Now one coin is worth around 20 cents. She lost all its value following the market trend, however, will certainly rise following the positive turn of the market in late September this year. Is a decentralized platform with open source tools for content distribution, which allows any party to sell, buy or share content without intermediaries. The growth of this currency you can make good money if holdit at least until early next year.

The second recommended cryptocurrency AMP company Synereo. Currently one coin is worth about 10 cents, predictable rates fell from the beginning of the year. However, the existence of a working infrastructure of the company the key to its prospects. The company uses its crypto-currency as domestic means of payment platform WildSpark, allowing content creators to monetize their videos, images, and even memes. Subscribers are rewarded for expanding social presence of this content. Synereo notes that their coins are not an investment tool, however, knowing that the AMP is part of a successful project and knowing that it will rise after the market, there is a chance to make money, and as a long term hold and the market changes.

Vyacheslav Zolotukhin, the ideologue and founder of professional social network on the Blockchain technology Evolution on the basis of the service He shared his opinion regarding the advisability of investing in Evocoin:

Now we need to pay attention to cryptocurrencies, which are directly embedded in the services. This means they exist not for the purpose of cheaply bought — sold more expensive and are full-fledged unit of activity in the infrastructure project. A vivid example — our EvoDesk where cryptocurrencies (Evocoin) depends: records about the competence of the users, and calculations between the parties, and the purchase of additional service opportunities.

The most popular phrase over the past year : “we will release the tokens and you will earn a lot of money” today is a stop signal for the buyer. Errors taught potential investors to carefully check projects and not lead to easy money. Therefore, the wording: “we will release the tokens, they will work in our system, the economic model which you can view on our website and in future you can sell them more expensive for this reason” — sounds more real and convincing.

Cryptocurrency expert Olga Vashchenko considers that the main thing is to see the potential in the beginning:

ICO market is growing every day. Of projects coming to ICO, becoming more and choose the same one all the more difficult. The uncertainty of cryptocurrency does not mean the absence of its potential.

Today one of the less popular but promising coins are tokens TRAC company OriginTrail. OriginTrail project, which is based on the technology of the blockchain will allow you to get all the information about the delivery of any product. The technology will allow to track the sequence of movements and see the conditions of storage. The implementation of the idea OriginTrail will solve this problem due to the transparency of all operations.

Among the advantages of the project: the structure of his road map and phasing of development. The disadvantage is the fact that among the team there are no experts with experience of development projects in cryptosphere, and competition in this industry is high.


Thus, the new coins can be a promising investment for investors. However, before making decision we should not forget about the necessity of a comprehensive study of the potential project.

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