Firefox will block the scripts for the mining of cryptocurrencies


Firefox will block the scripts for the mining of cryptocurrencies

Web browser Firefox will automatically block the malicious scripts associated with the hidden mining of digital currencies.

According to the nonprofit organization Mozilla Foundation, in the nearest releases of the browser will be added to lock the “malicious practices”. Vice President of product Mozilla Nick Nguyen said that the ultimate goal is to prevent quality drop using the browser as a result of actions of third-party scripts. Usually, such scripts are embedded in the sites and control the resources of the computer without the user’s knowledge.

This category includes scripts that use the custom computing power for mining digital currencies.

Deceptive practices, allowing you to quietly collect user credentials or harm user experience is becoming universal. For example, some trackers do the user. Using this method they can identify individuals by characteristics of their devices. Users control it can’t. Other sites set cryptainerle scripts, hidden mining crypto-currencies on the user’s device. Such practices make the Internet more user-hostile. In future versions of Firefox we will block them by default.

writes Nguyen

Testing the new functionality will be in version Firefox Nightly. If all goes well, blocker hidden miners and other malicious scripts will be enabled by default in Firefox 63.

Earlier attempts to protect users from hidden miners were taken by Opera and Google.

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