Five cryptocurrency crimes in a series of “purposely not think”


Five cryptocurrency crimes in a series of “purposely not think”

Few people in their right mind would laugh at the news of fraud and robbery, but kryptomere there is a place so absurd crimes and incidents (and sometimes so stupid criminals), it is difficult to repress a smile. Though injured, of course, still a pity. A selection of five triptoreline from the series “are You serious?” produced a website IBINEXNews.

1. A pyramid scheme Bitconnect Carlos Matos

“Honorary” first place in the ranking of the project Bitconnect, which had projected itself as a cryptocurrency investment platform and was subsequently exposed as a Scam. Interestingly, many bribed quite a simple scheme: first the members of the project were sufficient to recruit other participants in order to obtain a reward. In other words, Bitconnect was a pyramid scheme, and its most primitive.

Primitive scheme does not prevent the fact that hundreds of thousands of people collectively lost billions. Funny in all this, in General, a sad story turned out to be an eccentric figure of the founder of the project, the new Yorker Carlos Matos. Bitconnect speaking at a Conference in Thailand in the heyday of his creation, Matos grimacing and gesticulating on the stage. His epic speech, he began with the cry “heh— Hey— heh— eeeyyy”, and then gave the rap (recording is on YouTube).

Video blogger Dylan Locke did for this Remix in the style electro dance. The video got over a million views and drew the attention of another YouTube user, PewDiePie, who has over 60 million subscribers. One of them commented on the video: “ultimately this Bitconnect was not such a bad thing — not least because that gave us plenty of memes.”

2. Bitcoin extortion from unfaithful husbands

August 21 this year, the Federal trade Commission (FTC) has published on its website a warning about a new fraud scheme that targeted to the presumed adultery. Crooks extorting them bitcoins in exchange for a promise not to publicize the fact of adultery.

Many received letters of such content, you start to get nervous, even if you didn’t go left. The Federal trade Commission says that to survive, much less to pay, not worth it, it’s just a Scam. In General, you can… sleep.

3. Turkish national cryptocurrency

In June, Turkish police have exposed the fraudulent project — the so-called national cryptocurrency Turcoin. It is reported that the founders of the project, some Mohammed Satiroglu and Sadun Kaya, ran off with 100 million Turkish liras, however, was arrested on June 19.

Satiroglu insisted on his innocence, claiming that he was just a middleman. He also stated that Kaia had stolen all the funds. However, he was obviously confused in indications.

Later Satiroglu said that the Hipper company that created Turcoin, does not have a Bank account a single dollar, and all collected funds transferred to the account of Kaya in Cyprus.

Presumably, the victims Turcoin were over 10 000 people. One of the investors admitted that “devastated and in despair.”

It is surprising that during the public promotion of the project, the organizers gave the lucky guests 20 luxury cars and the event was attended by local celebrities.

4. The secret Mininova farm in the world

This year employees of the Russian special services detained a group of nuclear scientists, workers in top-secret research center for nuclear physics in Sarov, a closed town not far from Nizhny Novgorod. For what? No, not for the fact that the Russians were going to launch an Intercontinental missile with a nuclear warhead.

Engineers blame the fact that they used a secret supercomputer for bitcoin mining. Or rather, tried to do it. The computer center allows for 1 trillion. of calculations per second.

In the end, a visit to the hapless miners polite people came from the FSB. Secret missile project never “took off”.

5. As the thief and the Prime Minister became neighbors

The crime in Iceland called “theft of the century”, has nothing to do with the robbery of the national Treasury. We are talking about systematic and widespread theft of equipment for mining.

The attackers managed to steal more than 600 cards, 100 power, 100 motherboards, 100 hard drives, and 100 CPUs. As if that wasn’t enough, they also took nearly 600 personal computers.

Members of the group were arrested, but one of them is contained in jail with a lightweight regime, Sindri tor Stefansson, managed to escape from custody and flew out of the country on a fake passport. Ironically he was on the same Board, and the Prime Minister of Iceland Katrin Jakobsdottir, which was sent to Sweden for a meeting with his counterpart, Prime Minister Narendra Moti.

As a result of Stefansson was detained in Amsterdam and taken home. Not to say that his re-arrest was solely by merit of the police: the naive robber posted in Instagram their own photos with the hashtag #teamsindri.

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