Flamethrower The Boring Company Ilona Mask can now be bought with cryptocurrency


Known manual flamethrowers from Ilona Mask and accessories you can purchase for the digital money. This became known after updating the product page. In the payment methods, in addition to the traditional Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and AMEX, there is a logos of bitcoin, litecoin, and Bitcoin live Cash.

Flamethrowers The Boring Company worth $1297, but now are on sale and will cost buyers $1000. For the first time this product was presented to Elon Musk in December, and at the end of the month, the company began taking pre-orders. In addition to the flamethrower, on the website, you can buy a fire extinguisher, propane to recharge and gloves.

Initially The Boring Company engaged in the creation of infrastructure and tunnelling. One of the projects the Mask for which it was created — is the Hyperloop, a network of high-speed trains under the ground to move people and goods.

The businessman working in difficult conditions. On September 27 the U.S. government filed for a Mask in court because of two tweets. The outcome of the proceedings the Mask had to step down from the Board of Directors of Tesla for three years and to pay a large fine. All of his messages in social networks will be checked before publication.

Why is it important

  • The name of the controversial innovator is often used in fraudulent projects with which he is not bound. Twitter ads appear regularly on the distribution of live accounts similar to the user account. In September, Musk even went to the Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer, urging him to pay attention to fraud on the Internet and come up with a way of dealing with it. The scope of activity of bots has led to the fact that in the accounts of some celebrities even coined the phrase “Not giving away ETH”.

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