Ford will replace the steering wheel on the mobile app


Ford will replace the steering wheel on the mobile app

Ford is developing a system of independent control of an unmanned vehicle using the app on the smartphone. You will need to just tilt the mobile in the right direction, as in the game.

Future Autonomous vehicles will be sufficiently reliable to abandon the helm. However, what if a person wants to take it over? Ford decided to develop for this case a special application for a smartphone. The patented system involves two control mode auto.

The first simulates the mechanics of the tilt steering in games, transferring data from the accelerometer and the gyroscope device for guiding the front wheels. In this case, actions are performed intuitively. The second mode offers to control the car with your finger, which the driver must rotate the steering wheel on the screen.

Each of the options do not have full control. The car will be able to control the acceleration, braking or both of the process, leaving the possibility of self-selection direction. This feature can be very useful when you change lanes or to travel through private property.

It is unknown when and if such an integrated model, so first we need to solve the problem of protection against theft and to minimize the delay of response mechanics. Most likely, the company’s specialists are already working on it, and in the near future we will hear about the new concept car with such features.

Unlike Ford, Renault decided to focus on the style of future unmanned vehicles, demonstrating it on the example of a luxury electric car EZ-ULTIMO.

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