Forecast bitcoin exchange rate on 12 Oct 2018


Forecast bitcoin exchange rate on 12 Oct 2018

Suddenly, the course chose the second scenario. A sharp jerk brought down the rate for the lower limit of the Ichimoku cloud and the base side of the triangle. In the next 24 hours the price will go to the correction, which has already started to honk technical indicators, but the Outlook starts to look like less rosy than it seemed before.

There is nothing in principle in these days actually did not happen. The reason for the fall in the information field, which for the day was supplemented by statistics on the decline of interest in industry in General only 90% of the first year (Bloomberg) and reports that the miners dealt another blow — the increase in electricity prices for mining-farms (Diar). And the question applies not only to the fact that the rank and file miners out of the game because neokupaemosti extraction process. The situation is deeper: the concentration of production in the hands of large players will lead to the manipulation of the price and bitcoin will be deprived of the benefits of decentralization. It is not surprising that the market reacted to the news negatively. For bitcoin were pulled down and the main group of cryptocurrency.

Most likely, this trend in sredneprochny term will continue. You can expect bitcoin to reach $6 000 — at the placket fundamental support.

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