Forecast bitcoin exchange rate on 17 Sep 2018


Forecast bitcoin exchange rate on 17 Sep 2018

As expected, nothing new over the weekend, the chart does not appear. Price is moving sideways with a slight growls. About behave all major currencies: the price can not decide on the emergence of a new strong trend and tests the nerves of the public. On this basis it is possible to leave in force the previous forecast, not least because of the reason to abandon it there.

The next day the price should again attempt to move up, without leaving the borders of the Ichimoku Cloud. The purpose of the wave — $7 600. The movement will be divided into 2-3 phases, with corrective pullbacks. To intervene in the script can only background, but in the coming days on the economic calendar scheduled events associated with the digital asset. This gives reason to expect a systematic rise with testing the upper boundary of the channel. Any sudden jerks only see each other at this level. Bell at the abolition of all scenario can also be considered a sharp turn and attempt to go below $6 200.

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