Forget about “flippering and nocolor”: What cryptotermes will disappear in 10 years


In 2013, typos in a drunken chalice forum coined the term “hodl” (hodl): the author said that he will continue to hold the cryptocurrency, despite the fact that everything disappeared bitcoins. Five years later we still use this term — but it is one of the few words cryptodira, which survived until our days. What words will forever disappear from use over the next five or ten years? Here’s what I think the most known members of the crypto community.

Erik Voorhees, CEO and founder of

I’m sure that in 20 years the term “Fitna currency” out of circulation, taking its rightful place next to “videotape” and “bills” — here only the last has brought humanity some benefit.

Jimmy song, venture partner of Blockchain Capital LLC, instructor of project Programming Blockchain:

Through the year: kitaeved (bearwhale) directed acyclic graph (DAG), flippering (flippening), helgraf (hashgraph), “this gentleman” (This is gentlemen).

Kitaeveda and meme “it’s the gentlemanly thing” for several years, and in a year about them, no one remembers.

After 5 years: ASIC-resistance (ASIC-resistance), DAO, Enterprise Alliance, Ethereum, and Hyperledger.

DAO/ASIC resistance is a stupid concept, and in five years no one will use those terms.

Of the EEA and Hyperledger nothing came of it. Soon the trickle of corporate money runs out and they quietly closes.

In 10 years: the decentralized application ( DApp), a delegated proof of share ownership (DPoS), the primary offer of coins (ICO).

After 10 years, all these concepts will be perceived as a dead end, but borrowed money can last for a long time.

Jerrod the Dicker, Director General

In the future we will stay only concept that bring us together and what divides would be forgotten. Thus, when the majority recognizes the commonality of goals and performances, a variety of deniers cryptocurrency and bitcoin maximalists just remain in the past.

David Golumbia, author of the book “Bitcoin and politics: the software as right-wing extremism”:

I’m afraid it’s hard for me to do about some strong assumptions. I do including the study of language, so I know that language and terminology evolve sometimes completely unpredictable.

However, the term “blockchain” becomes so blurred that it can be applied to other things, and this trend will worsen. Because if a company “makes the blockchain” or “is a blockchain project”, it is profitable, it attracts money, and the history of business terms shows us that this process is not stopped, it is easier to find a new concept for sale.

However, this often happens with terms, relevant to programming, is “agile”, “open”, “distributed”, “design thinking” — the words that describe a particular technology.

Preston Byrne, a consultant in crypto-currencies and blockchain:

Everything I say below can be stated for the record that although there is nothing particularly clever I do not speak.

“Hodl” (hodl) has already given the shoots in the form of “Beadle” (build, build), “sont” (sell, sell) and so on. Meme for five years and I am not sure that in another five he will disappear.

The term “nocolor” (nocoiner, people do not recognize the success of crypto-currencies and do not own them) will disappear within three to five years will hold some coins, as now many have stocks.

And when you go “Lambo”, that is, Lamborgini, as the main sign of success? Apparently, when his place on the roads is some other tearing from the place of the monster but probably already on batteries.

The expression “here” (To the Moon, to the moon) will probably remain forever — because of old stumps like me who are not going to disappear and which will strew shibboleths of 2014.

Hyperviscosity (Hyperbitcoinization) is not going anywhere, too good is the word.

I myself, of course, tried to create memes about groundhogs like “zombie archaeplastida” or “surkovo banking panic” (by the way, everyone should immediately subscribe to the society for the recovery of the population of marmots in Twitter), but, apparently, most people are not as passionate about groundhogs, and I don’t expect this will change in the next five years. However, I will do what I can.

Emin Kyeong-Sier, founder BloXroute Labs, assistant Professor and co-Director of the Initiative on cryptocurrency and smart contracts at Cornell University:

“Hodl not” forget five years, as people clinging to this ideology, is slowly washed out of the ecosystem, to be replaced by those who want to create something functional and designed for people.

“Crypto” as a reference to everything related to digital currencies is forever, although the main innovation of cryptocurrency is more related not to the cryptography, and distributed systems. However, cryptography is the use liked from the beginning, and it drew attention to their science. Now of course they say they don’t like it, but they benefited enormously from the delusion that cryptography is important in cryptocurrencies.

Tokenization another five years to gain popularity, and then, when all shares will turn into tokens that will appear any new word.

Altcoins almost forgotten.

“Lambo” is no longer fashionable. The cars were terrible, and no one with taste does not dream about them. I would like a more universal sign of success, something that is not only interested in 15-year-old boys.

Gipervitaminozu already happened, bitcoin is still some time will stay on the stage, because he acquired a great reputation, but new applications are already being built on other platforms.

The word “nominar” invented specifically to mock me — it is seen by its definition in the Urban Dictionary. To see him on giant billboards on times square was nice.

“Rect” (Rekt, refers to the trader or investor who has lost all his capital because of the collapse of prices) will be with us for another five years. It’s a great expression, but it will eventually be extinct, replaced by something else.

Philippinenhof we have a lot, so no one will call it that.

The bulls will remain forever.

I like the expression “here”, but it is, of course, in a few years will disappear.

“When the Lambo?” ‘ll still live, though he shouldn’t. Cars are terrible, and with Lamborgini photographed only one man, Craig Steven Wright, which is saying a lot.

Bitcoin maximalists are not going anywhere, like the Amish.

All the bad will always be labeled as FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to downplay the significance of the problem.

Silk Road gradually forget, then remember when the U.S. legalize marijuana at the Federal level, and through several decades of Ross Ulbricht, who received unjustly harsh sentence, wait for the presidential pardon.

Silk Road: History’s largest black market, where they accept bitcoins

Michael Zochowski, founder of the network Logos:

I think that these memes will live, but as more of the distant horizon, where we will observe the isolate users from the mechanics of operation of these systems, and the institutionalization of investment. We will use frameworks running on top of networks like Venmo or Square.

Given these two trends, I think the market will be less room for the individual investor, trying to guess the winner — the situation will be closer to the stock market, where such jargon is not. This is partly just a sign of immaturity.

The words FUD and shilling (shilling) is very common on cryptocurrency forums, where people carefully compare different cryptocurrencies, discussing which one is better. There you can come across the expression “here” and dreams of “Lambo” — all this only shows that now the assets are in the hands of the people, accidentally caught in this wave and looking for a fast enrichment. You know, I come from a traditional Finance and traders do not speak.

In 2014, you could hear “this is the gentleman,” but I haven’t seen someone remembered that expression, I think it’s halfway to the grave. To me all this terminology is too cute, so I relate to her prospects skepticism, but, on the other hand, regarding the longevity of some of the terms like “hodl” I was wrong.

The Mesh, they are also participants ConsenSys:

A year will disappear, the terminology describing the bitcoin technology side (it is not very convenient to explain what a blockchain is, and alternative approaches), ICO, bitcoin.

After 5 years: private and public baccani, confidentiality will be considered in terms of “layers” to be added as needed, centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, public hexadecimal addresses (hexadecimal addresses, and phrases-keys is inconvenient for users and for developers), web wallets, non-convertible tokens (although, as long as people create unique art, these products will continue to exist), the gateway Ethereum, channels state, crypto, distributed registry, shidoin (shitcoin), the language of Solidity, flappening.

10 years: Fiat exchangers, Fiat, token, proof of work, exchange, blockchain.

However, the words “token” and “exchange” was not invented for cryptocurrencies, so they will never become obsolete.

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