Fork Stellar Dolphin scheduled for August 30, 2018


Fork Stellar Dolphin scheduled for August 30, 2018

A couple of weeks in the Stellar network will be hardwork Dolphin. The authors of the project are trying to convince the community of the need for this update, users on Reddit are warning that “Dolphin” is most likely a Scam.

The project has a website and the 9-page whitepaper. The document says that the new product will be created based on the algorithm of the Stellar Lumen. The authors of the project promise to improve smart contract Stellar — add protection from spam transaction and several experimental protocols.

“The main problem of smart contracts Stellar Lumen is that they are not safe — they write. — Recently, the network Stellar a lot of spam transactions with links to malicious sites. In Stellar Dolphin we will fix it”.

On the basis of the Stellar Dolphin promise to create a P2P marketplace where you can trade using the crypt, and Fiat, and securities.

After hard forks to the holders XLM promise to charge the XDM in the ratio of one to one. API for smart contracts, mobile wallet and marketplace promise to launch this year, but Reddit users think that this will not happen.

“Stellar Dolphin is a Scam, the user writes b1tcc. — Don’t send the XLM for their addresses: most likely, no аirdrop will not and you get nothing. Users that distribute information about this fork will be blocked without prior notice”.

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