Found a way to restore youth to cells


Found a way to restore youth to cells

The use of new formulas of chemicals has allowed scientists to get as close to the secrets of rejuvenation of cells. In a recent experiment managed to achieve the same level of performance between young and old human cells.

Biologists have discovered a basic mechanism that enables to in fact turn back the clock. All the nuances of the experiment were presented in the publication of Aging.

The essence of the work of a group of scientists focused on finding a solution to the following problem: for human life in its organism there is an accumulation of old cells functionality which, when compared with the young, is truncated. As a result, we can observe the aging process. One of the most striking examples is the deterioration of the elasticity of blood vessels, due to qualitative changes at the cellular level. As a result, the health of the person gets a lot of threats associated with the function of circulation.

It is known that the work of the group of scientists from the University of Exeter, UK, has made a major bet on substances AP39, AP123 and RT01, which was also derived in the course of the research. The basic mechanism is the saturation of the mitochondria with hydrogen sulfide, resulting in organelles that give the reaction as a product of energy, was able to demonstrate amazing results, in the form of increased efficiency to the level of young cells.

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