Four competitors Tether will be traded on Huobi


Four competitors Tether will be traded on Huobi

Singapore cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced on 19 October to begin operations with a group of digital assets tied to the U.S. currency.

In the blog, the company notes that the listing will be included stabilini TUSD from TrustToken, USDC from the Circle, GUSD from Gemini and PAX from Paxos.

Soon a press-the centre Huobi will announce details of the launch operations with four new stablename. The representative of the fourth-largest crypto currency exchange stressed that the site has no plans to abandon Tether operations will be served as usual. If the administration makes any new decision, it shall immediately notify investors.

Vice President Huobi Group Livio ven explained:

Tether at the moment — one of the largest tablconv on the market, and it will take time to the rest of the coins were able to catch up with him on market indices. While we do not plan to limit the Deposit or withdrawal of funds in the Tether. However, we are interested in listing other tokens.

We will remind that on the eve of the Tether fell to 18-month low of than managed to use bitcoin.

Also yesterday, October 15, OKEx cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of operations with PAX, TUSD, USDC and GUSD. In addition to transactions in tandem with bitcoin holders of these assets can operate in tandem with a Tether.

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