Free registration EOS your account from Infinito Wallet


Free registration EOS your account from Infinito Wallet

3rd to 14 October 2018 Infinito Wallet organizes another campaign free of registration EOS users updated version 1.16.0, as before, on the principle of first come first served! The cooperation of the five partner community EOS: EOS Arabia, HKEOS, Philippines, EOS, EOS Nairobi, and JEDA; contributes to the widespread use of EOS and removes a major barrier to newcomers to join the ranks of the users of the cryptocurrency. Community partners will distribute through its channels with special invitations and QR codes that you can use for free registration EOS account in the wallet Infinito Wallet. This is another campaign that is time limited, so hurry up to get a free account EOS!

Since then, as Infinito Wallet was the first universal wallet for MainNet EOS, its value to the EOS community has grown considerably. During this year the team Infinito already had 2 large campaign to free EOS registration of accounts – in July and August, which led to successful registration of 1,914 new account EOS. 29 Aug 2018 Infinito Wallet was the first universal wallet that officially supports all tokens of the platform EOS. Now, a team Infinito entered into cooperation with the above partners to provide additional assistance to users of the cryptocurrency EOS and take the next step in achieving your goal: create the most authoritative tool of access and effective use of cryptocurrencies.

Infinito Wallet and community partners EOS: EOS How to Register for a Free Account

For free registration EOS your account via Infinito purse Wallet need to subscribe to any of the official channels 5’s community partners EOS (e.g., channel Telegram), where you will be free to get your unique invitation or QR code.

EOS Arabia


EOS Philippines:

EOS Nairobi:


Then you need to use this code in your wallet Infinito Wallet following the steps below. Please note that you need to update the app Infinito Wallet to version 1.16.0.

Step 1: On the toolbar of the wallet, select “Register Free Account” next to the logo koina EOS.
Step 2: Click on the “Start Free Registration”
Step 3: Enter “Free Invitation Code” or click on logo QR Code to scan
Step 4: Enter the account name* and click the “Register” button to complete the process.
(*)Important: Mandatory requirement of EOS – the account name should consist of exactly 12 letters from a to z and/or numbers from 1 to 5 (“12345”, and “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz”).

This simple tutorial will help beginners in the world of EOS fast and free to register an account via Infinito Wallet. Team Infinito, together with the five partners have created this unique campaign to attract new users to cryptocurrencies EOS. The company’s specialists Infinito hope that cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world are excited about this opportunity to join the ecosystem, EOS, which is implemented exclusively through the app Infinito Wallet – universal wallet best for the community EOS.

In order to become a partner of Infinito Wallet in the EOS community, and to conduct such a campaign through a universal wallet please write Infinito at [email protected] or send a private message to the administrators of the official group in Telegram.

The future plans for the generic purse – work on improving performance as well as simplicity and ease of use that will be implemented with the new interface UX/UI, which will soon be available in version 2.0. The development team have prepared and the other stunning features, as well as a variety of events and programs to encourage customers not miss them! Subscribe to the official channels Infinito Wallet in the Telegram in English, Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese to always be aware of promotions and new features!

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Information about the project Infinito Wallet

Infinito Wallet positions itself as the leading universal crypto, allowing users to maximise the efficiency of use of virtual currencies and their potential. With selective expansion of the partnership network, the project aims to create an ecosystem of practical services such as exchange, the solution of ID/KYC and other business-related services bloccano. In parallel, IW helps the developer community and businesses with an open technological infrastructure to create, run, and use innovative products.

Team Infinito Wallet has a large experience in the field of blockchain and consists of 70 people, including developers, designers, researchers, managers, marketers, and support personnel customers. The parent company of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe was on the British Isle of man, the main mission of which is to create the best crypto in the world.

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