From music to aviation: Five successful blockchain startups from India


From music to aviation: Five successful blockchain startups from India

In India, successfully developing sector of the blockchain, as exemplified by the five startups, which tells the website Cryptocurrencyguide.


P2p platform MinersINC gives the possibility of cooperation between the creators and consumers of entertainment content (movies, music and games). The blockchain is the solution returns to creators control over their works and allows to create an ecosystem, where the interaction is more direct, simple and effective.


The crypto currency exchange in Delhi, working under the slogan “linking India with bitcoin”. Coinsecure intends to become a “supermarket”, in which the buyer will be able to satisfy any needs related to bitcoin and the blockchain. Towards this goal, the exchange has entered into several partnership agreements with companies around the world.

Unfortunately, Coinsecure has recently been robbed and is now busy compensate customers for the damage.

PrimeChain Technologies

The startup was created in 2016 Rojas Napalm and Chinamom by Arora; headquartered in Pune. PrimeChain cooperates with 27 banks in India and Middle East countries in the area of authentication, verification and storage of electronic records.


Supplier financial technological services and solutions KrypC (Bangalore) helps companies to understand the power and benefits of technology a distributed registry that establishes the potential scope of application, provides the conceptual framework and provides services for the effective implementation of technological solutions.

Somish Solutions

The blockchain is the platform from Somish Solutions used in such different areas as p2p— insurance, aviation, licenzirovanie transfer of funds, etc.

The company was founded in 2006. Its flagship unit GovBlocks is engaged in the development of decentralized apps based on blockchain Ethereum.

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